Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Industrial Design


Industrial Design

First Advisor

Jessica Brown

Second Advisor

Sam Sheffer

Third Advisor

Fran Slutsky


Embodied human communication within the Anthropocene. Existing at the intersection of technology, and the body.

The design industry has developed technology that is, paradoxically, isolating. The exposure to a vast audience in the digital sphere has introduced new societal pressures, leading to a disconnection from our immediate surroundings, detached, and donning metaphorical masks. Technocene lives on the fringes of the discipline by blending conceptual thinking with practical application. Through curious, experimental artifacts, it prompts us to shed our masks and embrace vulnerability. Technocene endeavors to reimagine the human experience by acting as a discursive design project. It probes the boundaries of possibility wherein all beings are equipped with an extension of the human body (chimera) that serves as a modality of communication. Personifying emotion into unrestrained physical gestures and the impacts that it may produce on our ability to empathize with fellow beings.

Chimera aims to enhance human experiences by externalizing internal emotions. Using wearable soft robotics, fosters connection and communication by translating emotions into tangible outputs. Challenging conventional notions of self-presentation, it catalyzes introspection and extrospection. These robotic augmentations mimic biological responses, creating a shared language and visible expressions of our inner states. By embodying emotions externally, Technocene explores how this impacts human connections. Creating a sense of dynamism and collectivism that transcends isolation by fostering intrinsic links among people.



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