Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Master in Interior Architecture [Adaptive Reuse]


Interior Architecture

First Advisor

Jonathan Bell

Second Advisor

Jeffrey Katz

Third Advisor

Jehanzeb Shoaib


The Nanjing city wall was initially built during the 14th century, shortly after the foundation of the Ming empire of China. Its unique city layout and meticulous planning, modeled after the constellation of the Northern and Southern Dippers, was exceptional in the city planning of China if compared to other typical cities, which were all modeled after the idea city illustrated in Zhou Li (The Rites of Zhou), a book served as a social hierarchy guide to build an ideal kingly, or autocratic city ruled by the emperor. Hence, the city wall of Nanjing, though its shape may be far more familiar in Western city constructions, is undoubtedly unique, for it deviated from the traditional hierarchical order in city planning. Moreover, another crucial fact that makes it so unique is that it is currently the most extensive and longest remaining city wall in the world, with an entire length of 35 kilometers. Even excluding the partially damaged or completely ruined part, 25 kilometers of the wall sections remain, which is still magnificent scale-wise.

My research will deal with the current status of the remaining wall sections and their possible interactions with residents. My thesis is to rejuvenate the cultural significance of the city wall by considering the pilgrimage concept. Based on my current research and project progression, monuments and observatories are to be incorporated in the missing parts of the wall sections, linking it with the existing walls and the constellation for the visitors and, therefore, creating an immense experience for the pilgrimage.



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