UNBOUND 2017 Archive

UNBOUND 2017 Archive

UNBOUND: art book fair 2017 Details
WHEN? Saturday, April 8, 2017 | 11am - 6pm
WHERE? RISD Graphic Design Commons, 31 Canal Walk + Illustration Studies Building, 5th Floor Studios, 55 Canal Walk, Providence, RI

UNBOUND 2017 was supported by the RISD Library, the Graphic Design and Illustration departments, the Center for Arts & Language (formerly the Writing Center) and the Center for Student Involvement. Read the UNBOUND 2017 Exhibitor Biographies to learn more.


Mol Pierre
New Urban Arts (Zaidee Everett)
Oklahoma State University Department of Art, Graphic Design and Art History (Lisa Maione)
Olivia Stephens
Olivia Watson
Paper Monument (Rachel Ossip)
Plum Illustration (Jia Sung)
The Plural of Moose (Nafis White & Garci­a Sinclair)
Print and Book (Lara Henderson and Lizzy $OUR)
Project Open Door (Simonette Quamina)
Providence Comics Consortium (Walker Mettling)
RISD Graphic Design Graduate Program (Melissa Weiss)
RISD Graphic Design Undergraduate Program (James Goggin)
RISD Museum (Derek Schusterbauer)
Roya Haroun
Ryan Alves
Sarah Lammer
Shawn Bush
Sophie Schwartz
Spaceship Sparkle (Zaidee Everett)
Tamara Kwark
Theresa Zeitz-Lindamood
Tina Tryforos
Tori Deutch
YoungSet (Suzie Shin)
YTB (Mei Lenahan, Theia Flynn, Henry Mcclelan)
Yu Cao


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