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Curatorial Statement

intimacyqueered was born out of our confusion in trying to navigate intimacy as queer identifying people. Given limited portrayals of complex intimate relationships and stereotypical representations of queerness, we understood our individual experiences as vastly different - different from each other and from expected social constructs. Yet, as we have encountered other artists and works that transcend traditional representations of intimacy, we have come to embrace queerness exactly as that: difference, fluidity, fluctuation.

Intimacy inherently connotes a closeness of some sort, which manifests in our society under a rigid binary. While not all of the artists included here engage with queerness through gender and sexuality, what ties all of these works together as queer is their depiction of intimacy in a beautifully unusual and subversive way. This show expands understandings of queerness and how they relate to intimacy with self, space, object and others. The title, intimacyqueered, refers to the exponential and infinite possibilities of both the intimate and queer when combined.

By gathering works of personal narrative and presenting a broader scope of what can be queer, we hope to create a space that celebrates the confusion and difference that is inherent in navigating intimacy.

October 14-November 27, 2016
Curated by Yannik Stevens BFA 17 SC and Leah Aegerter BFA 17 SC


Poster, RISD, Gelman Student Gallery


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