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Lawrence Bush


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“Nature is my model, sometimes literally, always conceptually. With clay and glaze I imitate nature. With function and form; color and texture; history and need, I attempt a layering of forces and structures similar to that found in natural things like flowers.” Lawrence Bush is a potter, collaborator, and educator who has taught ceramics at the Rhode Island School of Design since 1984, heading the department for twenty years. Bush fuses histories of art making and craft tradition to serve contemporary need. Freedom to move among handwork, mechanized production, and digital technologies is important. Originally from Seattle, Bush holds a BFA from the University of Washington and an MFA from the College of Ceramics at Alfred University. His professional activities and special projects at RISD are numerous. He has exhibited nationally, has work in the RISD Museum, the Museum of Ceramic Art at Alfred, and many other venues.


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Lawrence Bush