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Jacqueline Ott



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My current work consists of geometric shapes that are built by the systematic application of repeated marks to a visual lined structure. It is derived from my previous work where the marks were hung on a linear structure to create an allover painting or drawing. I set up a defined format within which to work because it allows me to concentrate on inventing unique markings and systematic methods of configuring the marks. The mark determines the structure and vice versa. The process of integrating the mark within the structure determines the image. The work follows the logic of the system on which it is based – nothing frivolous is included. Within the system, random actions can occur. The pencil lines that define the underlying structure are visible and important to the whole. I am occasionally asked if a computer is used to develop the work. The answer is no. The work is enhanced by the subtle differences that occur when the work is developed and executed by hand.


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Jacqueline Ott