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The Institutes of Art were three-day symposiums sponsored by the Brown/RISD Community Art Project. The symposiums included sessions on Fine Arts, art collecting and exhibitions, printing, industry and commerce, art in the community, civic art, and art in relation to literature. These records include Institute programs, maps, other materials published in connection to the Institutes, and transcripts of lectures and speeches given during sessions.

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Providence, Rhode Island


Albert D. Mead, John Hutchins Cady, Maud Howe Elliott, Murray S. Danforth, William E. Brigham, Alexander J. Stoddard, George E. Ball, Frederick W. Aldred, Royal B. Farnum, Marcel Dupre


Art Education | Arts and Humanities | Humane Education | Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education


This Art Institute took place on November 24 and November 25, 1933 at the Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design campuses and at various venues in Providence, RI. The first session was entitled Fine Arts and there was a talk by John Cady called The Architectural and Civic Development of Providence (illustrated). The second session was entitled Gardens: Art in Education. There were two talks: the first was called Art in Gardens and the second talk was called The Arts in General Education. Both were illustrated. The third session was entitled Art in Industry. The talks were Design in Manufacture and Art in Merchandising. The fourth session consisted of an organ recital at Sayles Hall and an illustrated lecture entitled Life and Works of Gilbert Stuart. Several art exhibitions were held at various venues in Providence.

Art Institute Program 1933



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