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artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation



Film / Animation / Video

Faculty / Course

Travess Smalley, Design

Materials + Techniques

Vellum, museum board, magazine cutouts, newspaper clippings, gold leaf, construction paper, waxed thread, micron ink pens, graphite.

Student Narrative

This is a visual representation of my mind. The hard cover—a small, 6x6” cover with a repeated black-and-white triangle pattern is covered in vellum to represent the orderly demeanor as a front, covered by a thin layer of fogginess. The newspaper clippings spill out, the content of repeated and nonsensical stock numbers representing my thoughts, the gold leaf on the sparse magazine pages of women’s legs and bodies as a representation of my insecurities. The interior booklet, if one had the patience to actually find it, were some words I thought of on my way back home for the weekend. They were sprouted from a mix of anger, confusion, fear, dread, and bordering on acceptance of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia just a few weeks before my work’s completion. The words and images, both written and drawn entirely by me, are of the innermost part of my brain, the most vulnerable part of me.

Photo Credit

Hannah Nigro, PH 2023

Trapped in Thought



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