Strangers In The Night


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artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation



Apparel Design

Faculty / Course

Jasper Chadprajong-Smith

Materials + Techniques

Nikon Camera (Photography) and Printed on 11 x 17 inch paper.

Student Narrative

I was interested in combing the artist book with the lookbook by taking aspects of both that would add to my knitwear pieces and final project. My ideas of artists books in general have changed throughout the semester being my perception has become that the artist book is whatever the artist makes out of it and tends to break the mold of what a traditional book is. I wanted to take this idea of breaking the mold to create a lookbook that is not about the outfits as the focus on photography with the setting, mood and history/culture that can shine through what a can photo hold. I want my outfit to be worn by my model in photos but use photography as the narrative. Being focused on angel and composition while also highlighting my final outfit in the setting/atmosphere that I directed. I looked to set a scene much like how a movie director directs actors to create shoots and compositions within film to evoke mood, message and setting. I looked towards photography to shoot from a certain angles and to showcase a certain mood, message and aesthetic. I would like to have this photoshoot for the lookbook in Federal Hill for the Italian-American history and culture that has and continues to take place, it feels natural that the “Little Italy” of Providence would be the place I would flock to for shooting the photoshoot of my final knitwear piece. I have centered my Design and Draw concept around the Italian-American Mafia with the family, friends and camaraderie aspects of this with having outfits that are a balance between cool/comfortable and sophisticated. I looked to shoot in and out of stores, churches, restaurants, grocery stores and iconic places in Federal Hill for the culture and history that would become embedded in the feeling of the photos. I tend to pick my friends as my models because I enjoy the vibe that the photoshoot takes place. It’s easy, fun and comfortable for both parties being the designer (photographer in this case) and models. I think this shows in the photos and ends up with photos that are not forced and stronger with being authentic. The photos of the lookbook/artist book would take this form of being more focused on the setup of the shots, setting and the composition that would become the realistic view of the way I would like for my final outfit to be worn.

Strangers In The Night