January 23


January 23


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artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

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Faculty / Course

Jackie Gendel

Materials + Techniques

book binding fabric, book binding board, digital illustrations (procreate), paper

Student Narrative

This piece was made for my drawing class for our 'zine' project, although it feels more like an artists’ book than a zine. It measures 5” by 5”, has an accordion structure, and is bounded in fabric on both sides. Each side of the book represents one day: January 23, 2019 and January 23, 2020. It is comprised of 12 individual illustrations- each illustration depicting a scene from each day in chronological order. The illustrations are based off of a journal in which I write the events of my day before going to bed. I have been writing in this journal for the past three years, and so I’ve accumulated descriptions of hundreds of days. January 23 is not a unique date for me but was picked at random. This book is a sort of reflection of the past two years. What has stayed the same, what has changed, how I feel and so forth. Working on it felt like an exercise is gratitude – delving into my personal history and picking out both the positive and the not so positive moments. I am curious as to how it will be perceived- both by people who know me and by people who do not. I greatly enjoyed working on it and I would like to continue my personal exploration of memory and time.

January 23