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artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


Book and Paper

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Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation



Graphic Design

Faculty / Course

Jasper Chadprajong-Smith

Materials + Techniques

Box: foam board, decorative paper, mod podge collaging, escutcheon pins Cassettes: clear cassette cases, found items, tape, paper labels

Student Narrative

Tale of Two is the story of sound, sight, and memory. A stimulant to the visceral sensation of place and duality of identity. Each of the boxes’ eleven cassette tapes reveal found items from the two places my heart is tied down to; the rural stomping grounds of New England and the tumultuous New York City. As cassettes are pulled and examined the viewer is invited to experience their contents, providing opportunity for memories of specific sounds to be evoked. Too often the sounds we familiarize ourselves with fade away ever so slowly. It is through sight, however, that we can truly know sound. The box portion of my artist book was handmade and assembled.

Tale of Two: The Visual Mixtape



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