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Undergraduate student

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Kelly Mitchell (Principal as Practice - in Printmaking)

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Letterpress Print(s), Vellum, Assorted Papers, Poster Board, Glue

Student Narrative

"Sum of My Parts" is a secret avowal of intimate "firsts." In it: drawings of dolls refer to the body made object, and poetic language to a dissonant mind. What's more, the narrative asks each viewer a question created in adolescent counselling, "Show me where on the doll..." Many of my initial experiences in sex, lust, love, and intimacy can be tracked back to childhood curiosity. Some of which, for lack of care, consent, or context were traumatic experiences. Despite growing support for "me too" and the sex positive movement, our society is still sexually repressive. Heteronormativity and hyper-masculinity are a product of the white, male, cis-gendered patriarchy, which privileges boisterous behavior by braggadocious men (from Kavanaugh to Trump). In reality, gendered violence, objectification, homophobia, transphobia, and rape-culture are rampant. This rhetoric produces shame surrounding some of our most meaningful moments. This book creates room for reflection. It suggests that some private parts are worth sharing, no matter what "they say." Don't mistake my vulnerability for weakness: my femininity, my womanhood, my queerness, my blackness, for weakness. I am delicate and strong. I am quiet, but you can not, will not, silence me.

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Connor Parsely FAV 20


artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


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