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Undergraduate student

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Martie Holmer, Foundation Studies Design

Materials + Techniques

Accordion book in cardboard amazon box. Xerox printing, purple ink pop-up drawings, text applied through transfer markers

Student Narrative

This is a book showing two sides of free two day express delivery used as a marketing strategy for major online retailers. In order to compete against in-store retailers they promise to deliver the goods within two days which seriously harms the environment. Of course the companies do not portray the crude side of things to the customers and make it seem glamorous and thats why the first side of the book has illustrations and pop-ups. Conversely, the other side is simple, mundane and perhaps decaying in order to show the harm to the environment behind the process. If one side grabs the attention of the 21st century reader, the back-side represents the actual reality and they are both crucial to the concept. Finally, the experience is delivered with an actual amazon box which the reader has to open up with a knife and than take out the unnecessary packaging to reach the book because I wanted to imitate the experience lived when a product previously ordered online is being unpackaged.

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Connor Parsely FAV 20


artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


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