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Undergraduate student

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Pam Unwin-Barkley

Materials + Techniques

Packaging tape, paper towel, liquid latex, cosmetic denture, clay, acrylic paint

Student Narrative

My work is inspired by Federico García Lorca's play Bodas de Sangre, in which the moon, as manifestation of death, delivers a monologue to end the eloped lovers. Its poem is written on the tongue, the "book" of the work. The appearance of the head is inspired by Mecano's Hijo de la luna, telling the birth of an albino Gypsy boy as the son of the Moon. The work explores the duality of surface and depth, tackled by a severed head containing inaccessible speech engraved on its tongue. The head of the Moon rests on a plate to be consumed by the viewer. When the viewer pulls out the tongue and takes in the Moon's intentions, it is revealed that the lonely moon searches for a heart to warm himself in the freezing night, and therefore after the viewer has cannibalized the Moon, the Moon devours the spectator from within.


artists' books, Baker & Whitehill


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