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Creation Date

Winter 2016


Graduate student, year of graduation: 2018. Major: Photography. Class: Bookbinding. Faculty: Jim Di'Marcantonio.

Materials + Techniques

Special edition book


h: 11.5", w: 9", d: 1.5"

Student Narrative

The Western landscape has captivated the hearts of Americans and others over time. The expansive topography that dominates the territory encapsulates much of the allure that defines American ideology. Cinema and commercial industries use the seduction of the Western landscape to sell, define and project a merit of social status onto the credulous populous. In the name if progress, the topography is constantly changing and shedding its layers to suit the provisional needs of humanity. Employing some of the tactics of cinema that have helped define the landscape, A Golden State hopes to free the mythology of the West, specifically California, as a utopia within the larger utopia of Western culture.