The Journey


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Creation Date

Winter 2016


Graduate student, year of graduation: 2017. Major: Architecture. Class: Book Makers. Faculty: Suzette Cozzens.

Materials + Techniques

Pen plotter, mix media, fabric


h: 9", w: 8.5", d: 0.5"

Student Narrative

Have you ever experienced the situation when you are doing something while witnessing your mind wandering somewhere else? It’s not an absence of mind that I’m talking about. When I was working on a recent hand drawing, I was so concentrating on controlling the pen that I sensed something novel- I ‘saw’ my mind traveling in a 'place', which was a totally different space from where my body was, while it was an absolute synchronizing journey with me completing the drawing. The experience was so crystal clear for myself at the time yet too vague to be depicted in language. I hoped that I could find a way to store it physically. And that’s where this book was coming from. It’s about The Journey my mind went through when I was doing that one drawing. It doesn’t matter when or where the journey started from, then it ended some time before the drawing was completed. It’s a documentation for the one that lives inside of me.