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Creation Date

Winter 2016


Graduate student, year of graduation: 2017. Major: Photography.

Materials + Techniques

photographs. inkjet on medium weight matte epson paper, twine


h: 6", w: 6", d: 0.75"

Student Narrative

Brattleboro is a small body of work culled from a weekend trip with my partner to Brattleboro, Vermont. These photographs are meant to strike a balance between personal narrative and the documentation of the feeling of the place. My usual method of making photographs is to act like a pane of glass, or as a mirror; I record in a non-linear way the life of the place through form and structure, with little to no emotive context. These photographs are different from that, they are recordings of my experience of life and place, with subtle threads of personal narrative and context, expressed in a loosely chronological way.