2nd Student Artists' Book Contest 2016



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Undergraduate student, year of graduation 2016. Major: Film/Animation/Video. Class: The Photobook. Faculty: Lindsay Beal.

Materials + Techniques

Print on demand book

Student Narrative

This book is composed entirely of images taken with an iphone 3 that were subsequently blown up to the maximum dimensions offered by the industrialized print on demand services offered by Blurb. They were printed on the premium matte paper and bound with a hardcover image wrap (the most expensive options offered by Blurb) Although this book's images are intended to function on a formal, textural level, there is certainly a latent commentary about the over-saturation of images in the modern digital landscape and a mourning over the death of "traditional" notions of craft in the postmodern art world within this landscape. Paradoxically, I hope this book also functions as a celebration of the inherent speed and texture of the already antiquated iphone 3 technology, and, furthermore, the freedom and playfulness these utilitarian technologies and postmodern ideologies can provide.