2nd Student Artists' Book Contest 2016



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Creation Date



Year of graduation 2016. Major: Photography. Class: The Photobook. Faculty: Lindsay Beal.

Materials + Techniques

Sculptural book, paper, photographs, artificial grass

Student Narrative

This book is one of a kind, 100% hand made. It is about my home and my grandparents home. Our house is reflective of a home that has deteriorated and fallen apart in the absence of our father who left us because we could never live up to his standards. He wanted our house to look as perfect as his parents home, my grandparents. that wasn't possible because we actually live in it, my grandparents house was like a museum and you weren't allowed to touch anything. My mother never understood why he would want us to live like that. They fought all the time about it. Until eventually he gave up and left as for another family who was perfect. Since he left my siblings and mother have fallen apart and so has the house. The house is becoming worse and worse, the opposite of what he would want but what does he expect, he left us. The book shows a house split in two, one side our home, through the windows you see to the other side, my grandparents house of perfection. Windows symbolize the longing and hope and desire to have what they have. The white backs can be slid up and down, just like shutters in a real home can be used to shut out the others and outside world. We still wonder if our house could be like theirs, then maybe our dad would have stayed, but now I suppose it doesn't matter. This book is a journey through the halls, rooms, spaces, windows, doors and so much more.