2nd Student Artists' Book Contest 2016



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Undergraduate student, year of graduation2018 . Major: Painting. Class: Drawing I. Faculty: James Stanley.

Materials + Techniques

Pen Pencil & Ink on Tracing Paper

Student Narrative

I have read a lot in my life, but I have oftentimes wondered what one "gets" from a text. What becomes significant? What does one remember? What does one, without realizing it, put into the art one makes? Thinking of these questions, the "shape" of a text, accessibility to knowledge and notations as drawings, I began to "translate" (copy out) the notations I had made in various books, of which "The Marble Faun" is just one. After extracting the notations I bound them in the same way my books were bound and made them into my own. Rather than attempting to specifically answer the questions that I set out, these books hope to ask them again.