2nd Student Artists' Book Contest 2016





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Creation Date



Graduate student, year of graduation 2016. Major: Landscape Architecture. Class: not part of a class project

Materials + Techniques

Paper, Board, Color pencil

Student Narrative

The most valuable things are the environment which provides everything we live on. There are many catastrophic issues happening if the balance is destroyed, and that is the current condition we face. By using the jewelry with dull color outside, the bright colors inside are intensified and showing the related issues associated with different colors of gems, including ruby, sapphire, pearl, citrine, amber, and emerald. By the contrast of color, the ideas are emphasized that each element in the system is important and is the reason why the world is so vibrant. Through different types of booklets, people could have various reading experiences and interact with the books, evoking the awareness of critical environmental issues in interesting way. The set of books is fun for reading, but also meaningful and educational, making people understand what we need to treasure and remember.