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Graduate student. Year of Graduation: 2016. Major: Graphic Design. Class: . Faculty: Bethany Johns and Lucy Hitchcock.

Materials + Techniques

inkjet print, paper

Student Narrative

Originating from the French word chandelle, the translation of chandelier is simple candle holder. A byproduct is an incidental or secondary product made in the manufacture or synthesis of something else. This reflected, refracted light on the ceiling is the secondary gift, given generously to the room, by the chandelier itself. This act affirms the chandelier's specific activity as a historical interior design object, a shape-giver to the intangible photon, and a mesmerizing byproduct of electronic illumination. This artist's book makes the case for an often overlooked aspect of chandeliers. With particular focus on the Pendleton House at the RISD Museum, the interior room ceilings are often filled with reflected light patterns caused by the design, materials and specific placement of the 18 & 19 century chandeliers.