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Graduate student. Year of Graduation: 2016. Major: Architecture. Class: Artists' Book. Faculty: Tia Blassingame.

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Student Narrative

When the book is fully opened, it stands up by itself and a rectangular shape of a book transforms into a circle. The book opens 360 degrees and half of a tree on each page revolves to become a whole tree that us placed in the center of the circle. Its circular boundary with the tree at the center describes the continuity of human life that coexists with nature. The book is a visualization of the circle of life. Art reflects society and history. By interspersing masterpieces from both the western and eastern cultures, it shows the universal relationship beings of all cultures have with nature. This is my attempt to explore the long and complex relationships between human, nature and art. "Adam and Eve", apple tree to "Life of Tree" by Gustav Klimt and "Cats and Sparrows" by Pyon Sang Byog. These paintings that represent the coexistence of humans, nature and animals from the beginning of human history. Just like the tree that grows up after centuries, the circle of humanity will continue through art.