Sonnet 130


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Creation Date



Undergraduate student. Year of Graduation: 2017. Major: Illustration. Class: Design. Faculty: Masha Ryskin.

Materials + Techniques

Mixed Media (Gouache, block printing ink)

Student Narrative

Over the course of a 25 day period, I documented how many times I said I love you to my boyfriend each day. This book is a visual analysis of the data I collected. Each page has a colored strip, which tells the page number through position. The color on the strips appear again on the circles indicating an order. So the circle with the color of first page's strip represents the first day of my documentation. Number of circles on each page means there were that many days in which I said I love you a certain times. For example, on page eight, there are 5 circles. Then there were 5 days in which I said I love you 8 times.