Oral History Interview with Liisa Silander, February 21, 2021

Oral History Interview with Liisa Silander, February 21, 2021


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Interview of Liisa Silander, conducted by Jennifer Liese on Zoom from Silander's home in Plainfield, CT on February 21, 2021 for the RISD Oral History Project. Silander speaks of her time working for The Providence Eagle before coming to RISD and working in the Public Relations and RISD Media departments. Silander also recalls how these departments changed under different presidents at RISD and the variety of publications she worked on, such as RISD Views and RISD XYZ. Along with this, Silander discusses the difficulties of publishing during the COVID-19 pandemic and after 9/11.

Biographical/Historical Note

Liisa Silander is a writer and editor who worked in editing and publishing at the Rhode Island School of Design from 1986-2020. While at RISD she served as the Assistant Director of Public Relations, Associate Director of Publications, Editorial Director, and Editor of the RISD XYZ magazine. Silander received a BA in English Language and Literatures/Letters from Wesleyan University in 1978.

Silander is interviewed by Jennifer Liese, the director of the Center for Arts and Languages at RISD. Liese also teaches courses on graduate thesis writing, professional practices and publishing and co-led RISD’s Academic Commons Program from 2012-2014. The interview takes place in 2021.

Oral History Interview with Liisa Silander, February 21, 2021



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