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Poster for Not Your Token protest organized by RISD BAAD (Black Artists And Designers), held April 6, 2016 in Market Square, Providence, RI.

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Not Your Token

It is not our job to educate you.
But we will demand to be listened to.
Who does this "progressive" institution represent?
When 'western' education is the only thing of value.
Equality does not equal equity.
Our identities and experiences cannot be bought.
We are more than a statistic.
We are more than a data point.
We are more than loose change.
We are people with a desire to learn;
And we demand to be treated that way.

Protest: Wednesday April 6th 4:00 PM
Teach-in: Wednesday April 13th 4:00 PM
Chace Center Entrance

Wear Black.

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BAAD, Black Artists and Designers, racial justice, RISD students and institutional governance, Not Your Token, activism


Art Education | Race and Ethnicity

Not Your Token

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