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Poster using the three colors of the Pan-African flag, showing portrait omage of Dr. Barry Gaither, Curator for the Museumof the National Center of African American Artists. Derivation of previous poster (May 5 1970). May 4, 1970 was the date of the Kent State University campus shootings, where 4 anti-war protestors were shot and killed by the Ohio National Guard. RISD, as well as campuses across the U.S., shut down as students went on strike in protest of the Kent State killings. It is likely that the May 5 lecture was canceled and rescheduled for October 20, 1970 [see May 5, 1970 poster for same lecture].

Text reads: Lecture by Barry Gaither "DIRECTIONS IN THE WORK OF BLACK AMERICAN ARTISTS" Tuesday Oct. 20 8p.m. Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design. Curator, Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists.

Read more about Barry Gaither at Poster designed by Maurice Burns, read more at

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racial justice, racial equity, diversity, Black Artists, Museum of NCAAA, activism, Barry Gaither, Maurice Burns, poster


Art Education | Race and Ethnicity

Directions in the Work of Black American Artists | Barry Gaither

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