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A forum held on June 16, 2020, led by Jada Akoto and Sarah Alvarez addressing members of the RISD Administration (The President's Cabinet, the Dean's Council, Department Heads, Graduate Program Directors and Associate Provost, Social Equity & Inclusion & SEI Advisor to the President Matthew Shenoda).

“In this conversation we are asking you to actively listen, not speak. It is important that students have a forum to express and share their own stories about how this institution as a whole has never handled our identities to expected standards.

After this conversation, we then will allow you to address our demands within each department and administrative level. We hope that you will practice more than the performative allyship we’ve seen across all ranks. Within the following week, we want you to tell us how you are going to fix the problems we have presented across all departments and administrative levels. This is more than enough time to think of a thoroughly considered plan on how to help the students who fund the institution.”-Jada Akoto (GD'21)

Speakers in order of appearance: Matthew Shenoda, Jada Akoto, Sarah Alvarez, Lauryn Levette, Felicita Devlin, Afi Goncalves, Aya, Sara Park, Ezzy Goncalves, Mary Kuan, Nailah Golden, Lauren Rausaw, Joyce Kutty, Natyana Fonseca, Rey Londres, Leslie Ponce-Díaz, Soleil Singh, Elaine Lopez, Stephan Foster, Pooja Nitturkar, Namrata Dhore, Taj Richardson, and Cullen Dirgins. This video is also available on Vimeo.


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BAAD, Black Artists and Designers, racial justice, race, we demand, RISD students and institutional governance, BIPOC, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, activism


Art Education | Race and Ethnicity

RISD and Race Forum