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The Waiting Room facebook event description.

Text reads: Join us at our pop up spa for a full day of healing. In reaction to institutional neglect following last years "Not Your Token" Protest and Teach-In, and lack of response to RISD's SEA recommendations, we will open up for a day of self care on the 4th floor of Prov Wash as we massage the supremacy out of our institution. We'll have some treats for yall so wear and bring whatever you need (homework too!) to be your best, comfortable self.

This spa cannot treat afflictions of: racism, class differences, supremacy, dishonesty, disrespect, and internal corruption. We may only provide recommendations of removal, before such afflictions spread. Thank you! The waiting room ~

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BAAD, Black Artists and Designers, racial justice, The Waiting Room, poster, demonstration, sit-in, spa, pop-up spa, RISD students and institutional governance, discontent, disobedience, radical self-care, activism


Art Education | Race and Ethnicity

The Waiting Room

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