Students, faculty and staff joined the international Fashion Revolution! on Friday, April 22, 2016 pausing to ask, “Who made my clothes?” and to publicly acknowledge that fast fashion comes at a cost.

Participants at RISD (including President Rosanne Somerson 76 ID) wore up-cycled shirts bearing the Who Made My Clothes? insignia. Two documentaries were screened– Unravel and The True Cost ­– revealing the dangerous and disgraceful working conditions in factories pumping out cheap clothing for Western consumers. The documentaries were followed by a presentation from former head of RISD Apparel, Meg DeCubellis on researching Rag Pickers in India and Apparel Senior student Chris Mena AP 16, presenting his re-purposed clothing collection as a runway walk. This Collection includes photos of the "Who Made my Clothes?" wearers, posters hung around RISD campus and a video of the presentation and runway walk.

“When you walk into a shop and buy a t-shirt for $10, you need to understand what it took for garment workers to make it at that price. The true price for such bargains is garment workers as young as 10 who are paid pennies to work in unsafe conditions.” -Apparel Design Senior Critic, Kathleen Grevers

Fashion Revolution 2016 Photos

Fashion Revolution 2016 Posters


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Friday, April 22nd
6:00 PM

Fashion Revolution 2016 Presentation

Kathleen S. Grevers, Rhode Island School of Design
Dean Abanilla, Rhode Island School of Design
Meg DeCubellis, Rhode Island School of Design
Chris Mena, Rhode Island School of Design

Metcalf Auditorium, Chace Center, Providence, RI

6:00 PM