And Also: Artists & Designers Writing

And Also: Artists & Designers Writing


Most artists and designers aren’t generally thought of as writers – largely because they tend to focus on and revel in visual forms of communication. But visual communicators also value the written word and rely on it to further articulate concepts, discuss issues and critique work. Many also choose to incorporate writing and words into their art and design work, enriching meaning and playing with language in new and interesting ways.

Students and faculty who attended And Also: Artists & Designers Writing, a half-day symposium on October 16, 2015 delved deeper into the current connections between art, design and writing through a series of presentations by six speakers. RISD Writing Center Director Jen Liese and Dean of Graduate Studies Patricia Phillips organized the conversation in conjunction with Public(ation)s, a yearlong graduate course they’re co-teaching to help artists and designers develop the skills they need to pursue dual practices and contribute to a broader cultural discourse through writing.

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